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"Any passion realized, then materialized, is Art."

    Camelia Mohebi


Camelia Mohebi is a Visual Artist, Designer, Director and Entrepreneur.

Educated in Dubai, Tehran, Geneva, and London she holds a BA in Visual Communications, Graphic Design, and Illustration.

Combining her knowledge of art and the understanding of the impact art has on the human psyche and the unconscious mind, Camelia has broadened her skills and holds Certificates in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Theta Healing and Art Therapy.

Camelia's broad range of travel has allowed her to tailor and create her own unique dynamic artistic capabilities which she now employs in her own range which spans from painting, jewellery design, fashion and furniture to curating events and making documentaries.

Through Camelia's interest in people, the subconscious and the emotional mind, she utilizes elements of psychology, theology, physics, and metaphysics in her work and often uses acoustic frequencies to generate art in mixed mediums.

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Artist Statement

My subject matter is frequencies. Waves omitted and received, through instruments of man and nature.

Wether through technology, Theology, or esoteric practices, the underlying question as to what degree and how these waves are effecting us, is often unknown or hidden.

Therefore, I conducted an experimental study, where i isolated myself from mainstream media frequency generators and listened to binaural beats with subliminal messages for a period of 2 years.The results were major behavioral change.

In the series of work called " NO SIGNAL". I wish to share my journey and findings, and more importantly shed light on the fragility of our subconscious mind. In today's busy media infested world, there is only one antidote for the desensitization of humanity that we are experiencing, a frequency that heals and restores balance. One i call " Divine Frequency".

Artist Statement

Mating Season Series

Theta Art

Signals Art Series

Work process

Portrait Art
Signal Art

Events & Exhibitions

AIU Graduates Group Exhibition. 2001

 Wafi Group Exhibition.Dubai 2004.

 ‘EMC art for charity auction’, Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.2006 ‘

 ‘EMC art for charity auction’ Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.2007

 ‘Women in Art’ Courtyard gallery, Dubai.2007

 ‘Emirate Art Expression’ Emirates palace Abu Dhabi. 2007.

"Does Size matter" 100 Bogart Gallery, NYC. 2018.

Digital Exhibition, Mads Gallery, Milan, Spain Dec 2021

Signals, Solo Exhibition, 54 the Gallery, London, Jan 19 -Feb 06 2022

Signals Dubai, Solo Exhibition, Sotheby's DIFC, Dubai 2022

"Made In Tashkeel" - AlSerkal Avenue 2023

Dubai Calligraphy Biennial "connecting Cultures" - Dubai Design District 2023



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